Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grading machine

Here is what J has looked like for the last two weeks:

That's right, it's end of term and all of the students' papers and tests must be graded before grades are due. The poor guy has been been a grading machine. I do my part, but I can only grade the empirical parts on the exams (matching, etc.) but all the open response stuff he has to do himself.

It does mean that I have been knitting again:


Suzy said...

Oh, the joys of grading papers. I'm sure he's happy you got to help out, even if only with the matching. :) Me...I'm off to write a paper for my prof to read tomorrow. They assign it, they get to read it.

Suzy said...

DUH - I completely forgot: LOVE THE MITTENS!! Apparently I'm studying too much these days because I'm forgetting the little things.