Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tree trimming

The beautiful flowering tree in our backyard needed some trimming, as it was growing closer and closer to the house. However, it's also quite tall and even with the extendo-trimmer, we couldn't reach the top. So here's a picture of Justin trimming the top of the tree using the extendo-trimmer out the second floor bathroom window:

Aren't we creative?

We rode our bikes to Tangerini's for ice cream this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine. That totally evens out, right, riding your bike to go and get ice cream?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Birthday Bike

J's birthday present to celebrate the big 3-0 is this new bike! He's been bike-less since he left Montana, so it was time to remedy that situation.

I'm a softy, so even though it isn't technically his birthday yet, we went for a ride tonight. We even did a little off-road riding.

Monday, June 04, 2007

More birthday fun

Unfortunately, Eric had to fly to Switzerland Saturday night, so after dropping him at the airport, the remaining six of us ate some amazing Asian food, played xBox, slept (very little) and then ate mancakes for breakfast to bulk up before bocce at Roger Williams Park. Adam, we think you would have been proud of the mancakes.

After we dropped Matt F. at the airport, we went to our place and grilled pizza (Christine's garlic/butternut squash/chevre combo was FANTASTIC) and then watched the Democratic Debate together. Great conversation ensued, so we've decided that we should all have debate parties to encourage our own intelligent discussions on the issues.

Christine and I are so greatful to these three tremendous guys for their willingness to travel to the east coast to help celebrate Marc and J's birthdays. The spirit of the Huggenvik House lived on in Rhode Island this weekend!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Birthday surprise!

In honor of Marc and J's 30th birthdays, Matt, Matt and Eric flew out to surprise them with a weekend of fun. Here are some highlights....
Matt and Matt play with the cat toy

Marc, J and Eric make "the plan"Marc, Christine and Eric from afar (on the frisbee golf course)Golf action shotGroup shot on the golf course