Sunday, October 30, 2005


I listed "crafts" as something this blog is about, so here's the first crafty post....

I made these adorable felted pumpkins for fall. I got the pattern from

Even J has admitted that they're fairly charming. :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finally, a nicer day...or at least this morning was.

We got some pictures of the finished deck, so here they are, finally. :)

From the driveway:

Here's from inside the kitchen:

J was happy to see that the deck is still sitting level:

We got outside this morning to try and clean up some of the thousands of pine needles that have fallen in all of the recent storms. Here's a picture of needles that were on the driveway:

We know you thought we were joking about all the rain we've gotten, but these extra garbage cans were open during all of the rain and you'll notice that they're full to overflowing:

I just looked out the window and IT'S SNOWING!!! Not hard, but still, there is snow coming down. That is not right, especially since they're forecasting 60 degrees for tomorrow.
I just finished an adorable fall knitting project..I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chrissa and Kevin's Wedding

It was quite a blustery day (48 degrees with 20 mph winds=feels like 40 degrees), but as the first sunny day in over a week, it meant that the wedding would be outside. Here's a picture of J and me (don't you like J's tie?). This is a finalist for a Christmas card picture.

There are a ton more pictures posted on Chrissa and Kevin's wedding website. I'm so self-centered that I'm only including a picture of us because I think it's especially cute. :)

I was going through the pictures on the computer and found this from our engagement (2.5 years ago already!). I think it's hilarious how much younger we look. However, when I think of the converse, i.e. how much older we look in the first picture, then I freak out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Very Behind

Dave says, "I see nothing interesting has been happening with the two of you...there's nothing new on the blog." Oops. I shouldn't harass people to read the blog and then not post, hmm? :)

Too much stuff has been happening, actually....Chrissa's wedding, and then Tim's wedding. The camera batteries are currently recharging so the new photos will have to wait until tomorrow at least. Instead I share this lovely photo from St. John, where we'd much prefer to be today after 3 more inches of rain and 55-60 mph winds (I know, I know, I shouldn't complain because we didn't actually get hit by the hurricane, but we've had maybe 4 sunny days in all of October and we're getting depressed). (P.S. that's also why we haven't posted a completed deck's been raining and we haven't been able to take a picture)

The good news is that we purchased our tickets to Billings for Christmas and we only have 3 flights each way (optimal is 2, but who wants to pay $800 for each of us?), not 4...Seriously, there was one option that was:
Providence to Detroit
Detroit to Minneapolis
Minneapolis to Grand Forks
Grand Forks to Billings.
All in a 14 hour span! Now we just go Providence to Detroit to Minneapolis to Billings. Those of you around Minneapolis we'll be calling you if we get stranded there on Christmas Eve. :) We'll keep our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.

Ok, that's all for now. I can't believe that it's a week until November.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Extreme-ly Cool

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is building a house 2 miles from us! We went on site and while we were there they used the crane to put in the tub:

And then they were putting in the floor of the second floor.

They demolished the old house YESTERDAY and look what they already have! Sheesh! It's a corner lot and not very wide streets, so they're framing it up a half mile up the road and then driving it in on the flatbead trailers.

There weren't any members of the design team on site today...rumor has it that they're finishing up a house in Maine during the basic construction of this house. I did see the one and only "move that bus" bus while I was on playground duty yesterday morning. Very cool. More details to follow.