Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few reasons why I'm glad I'm not a Victorian woman

After watching both "Becoming Jane" and the recent version of "Pride and Prejudice" I have compiled a list of reasons I am happy that I am not a Victorian woman:
1. My marriage was not a business transaction.
2. My mother did not spend all of her time trying to marry me off.
3. I am educated. Enough said.
4. I do not have to wear a corset.
5. Paper is not scarce (I do so love to write lists)
6. "Class" does not dictate who your friends can be, or what your prospects can be.
7. I could tell J how I felt about him, instead of all kinds of deal-making.

Things I probably wouldn't have minded:
1. Going to balls!
2. Pretty dresses
3. Pretty hats

I also just read the memoir by Jerramy Fine called Someday My Prince Will Come. It was pretty funny.

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maryse said...

my mother tried to marry me off.

i bet you there wasn't much fun knitting done either.