Monday, February 18, 2008

Lame and Lamer

In this case, I am Lame, and J is Lamer. I am lame because I had a small surgery on Friday and have stitches in my mid-back that limit my movement. J is Lamer because he came down with a knock-down drag-out case of the flu last Tuesday which has now become a sinus infection. What a motley crew we are. And this is school vacation week so we should be having some fun. Alas. Through my exuberant use of disinfecting wipes and airing out the house, I appear to have come out of the germ den unscathed (meaning no flu for me) so send healthy thoughts this way to help keep it that way!


Suzy said...

I hope that you stay healthy and J recovers quickly so you can enjoy your week off.

maryse said...

bummer. but that's always the way it works. when you finally slow down is when you get sick.

both of you heal up soon!