Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finishing Fest

On Sunday I had a finishing fest. I:
--Blocked that baby sweater

--Sewed and attached linings to two bags, the fancy black one from last summmer,
and my first ever complete crochet project I did when Julie visited (I included a photo of the lining):

--Steeked that extra-long scarf and cut it in half
I also made the fingerless gloves with the yarn from Morandia:

The weather around here has been atrocious. J didn't have school yesterday, but I did. It was only a half day for students, though, so they sent the teachers home when the kids left. So that wasn't so bad. But then it turned to sleet and rain and now the ice is insane. Two of my colleagues literally couldn't move their cars this morning because they were frozen to the ground and in the sludge the plow piled up around the tires.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catching Up

Why is it that most of my posts are about catching up after not posting for a while? Alas. In the last month, both J and I were down with this yucko-cold-flu thing for a week each, and then there was the presentation to the school committee about next year's budget, and the new PR brochure for the library association, and assisting with knitting classes and volunteering at Graceful Stitches, and football games to watch, and tax returns to prepare, and...but enough excuses.

So here are some projects I've been working on:
This hat is from Itty Bitty Hats. Can you tell that those are little crocheted turtles on there? I made this because I'm knitting as a part of the Dana Farber Boston Marathon Knitting Team through Graceful Stitches and Sarah Nixon.
Then there are the socks. Yes, those are the same socks I posted about a month ago, but I had to tear them back to the cuff because I made a mistake in the lace pattern, so I had to put them away for a while to get over the trauma. You'll also notice that they're plain this time around.
This is just a teaser on a baby gift I finished...ignore the unblocked look of the fabric and just enjoy the colors.
And last, but not least, that's me sporting my monochromatic version of The Player, and my very colorful version of Knitty's Argosy. I'm keeping the hat, but the scarf will be a gift. Many thanks to J for taking that photo.

On my needles: Sacred and Profane convertible mittens from Knit Wit using the gorgeous yarn left over from the moebius scarf Morandia made me.

Mulling in my brain: Just what to create with the recycled sari yarn Morandia sent (see 12/10 entry below); Fiber Trends felted clogs.