Friday, March 24, 2006

Knit Along with us!

I've joined the One Skein Knit-Along. I love this new knitting book! It's called One Skein and all of the projects are completed with just One Skein of yarn. Novel theory (and an apt title), hmm? Anyway, I've posted some of the projects I completed on the Knit Along site. It's very fun to share with other people who are working on the same projects.

Such knitting fun!

Go BC! And Go School Libraries!

It's BC fever around here as they play in the sweet 16 tonight. They've started off strong...hopefully they can keep it going!

Crazy week this week, including lobbying at the State House on Wednesday in support of School Libraries. You can read about the event here:
MSLMA Legislative Day

It's pretty cool to go around the State House and go into the Senators' and Representatives' offices to talk to them. Hopefully we've made some progress!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I just finished my class last Wednesday that was called "That's Just Classic!" Among many other things, we read The Odyssey. We read Robert Fagles's version (yes, that "s" belongs at the end according to a couple of different style guides, which was also discussed in class), which I highly recommend. I also highly recommend the recording of Ian McKellan reading it--we listened to some of it in class. Justin was kind enough to read some of it aloud to me because he's such a great husband!

There's also a great article in this month's Smithsonian.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Weekend mania

Well, we had fun last weekend at the Celtics game with people from my staff...the Celtics lost, but that means the Milwaukee Bucks I'm not too disappointed. However, I know that growing up, the Bucks weren't that is this a case of the lesser of two evils? :)

This weekend Eric is coming for a visit! And we just heard from our friend Liz that she's going to be in town too. So much fun in one weekend!

This is not too exciting of a post, but I didn't want to go tooooo long between postings.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Armchair

This weekend we bought, of all things, an ARMCHAIR!!

Isn't it pretty? We were at Filene's in Natick because they're closing that store (it was in the same mall as a Macy's and Macy's bought them out), thinking we would buy a knife set, or maybe an espresso machine. We struck out on both of those two things, but they had just marked the furniture down to 60% off, so we walked through. I thought we had struck out until we saw this one. We both went "Ahhh" when we sat in it. It's up in our bedroom right now until we get our new couch this summer (we hope!). It swivels! Now we just need a reading lamp to go with it!

P.S. the photo on the wall is from our honeymoon in St. John. :)

Monday, March 06, 2006

One good picture

Here's that Florida picture you've been waiting for...

It was a lovely dad's comment about him missing it was because someone (a Massachusetts driver, of all things!) was busy running into his van in the parking lot. Thankfully no one was hurt and the van wasn't totaled or anything, but it certainly wasn't the relaxing evening we were hoping for.

That's also why we're greatful that neither of us learned to drive in Massachusetts! :)