Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eventful Week

That is a photo of a man who found out his master's thesis passed without any revisions needed. Congratulations, honey! He'll officially receive his degree in December, and has the opportunity to walk at the May graduation. Hooray for being finished!
We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Marc and Christine's. Here's a picture of Marc and J hard at work in the kitchen. Christine and I are lucky ladies to have guys who contribute to the feast!

We put our Christmas tree up on Friday evening. Here's a shot of us in front of it (we'll count this as my 29 week belly shot).

It has been raining most of today. There were about five minutes when it was pretty snow, but now it's cruddy old rain. I would much prefer some pretty snow. Sigh.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby gets a new closet

Baby Closet
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We put some new Elfa closet units (thank you, Oprah coupon!) in the second bedroom (the room that will be the baby's once it arrives) to start the transition from office/guest room to baby room. We still plan to use the left side of the closet for long hanging adult wear, and I admit that the bigger drawer unit pictured is crafty stuff (mostly yarn). Funny how those drawers are already full! Later we'll be able to create two shorter hanging areas for baby things, if needed. We've slowly been accumulating some baby things so we put them all in the picture for you to see.
We took off the sliding doors and now we have to decide if we want to put in bi-fold doors, or curtains or something. Any suggestions?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

27 weeks--6 months down!

27 weeks
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It's a little crazy to put our minds around the fact that we'll have a baby in 3 months! Today marks the beginning of the third trimester...still feeling very good and knocking on wood whenever I say somethng like that. :)

J turned in his thesis to the readers this week! Hooray! After his first quarter grades go in tonight, we'll actually be getting to work on some baby prep around the house.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

25 Weeks

Ignore the post-yoga hairdo and sweatiness, and here's what I look like at 25 weeks.

The baby is moving a lot. Last night was pretty funny in that it wouldn't move for a while, then if I rubbed my belly it would poke back. Of course I repeated this ad nauseum, since it was so cool to think that the baby was reacting to something I was doing!