Wednesday, August 24, 2005

White Mountains

Here's a little more detail on our trip:
We drove up to Bretton Woods on Sunday afternoon and checked into the Bretton Arms Country Inn (part of the Mt. Washington Resort, but not in the big hotel). Here's a picture of the Mt. Washington Hotel from the main road:

Tiny, huh? Probably could have found a nicer setting, too, if they worked at it. :)

But seriously, it was built in 1902 and it was one of those grand, all-inclusive resorts where people used to "summer," back when people took the whole summer off. It was much cooler up there, so we understood why people flocked up there to escape the summer heat in Boston. We got a recommendation for dinner and had a nice meal outside on the deck at Rosa Flamingo's on Sunday night.

Monday we got up and had a disastrous meal before heading out on our hike. We hiked up Mt. Willard to overlook Crawford's Notch (see picture in the earlier post). Then we went to an overlook called Cathedral Ledge. After lunch we relaxed (J read a book and I knitted) on the AMAZING veranda that overlooks Mt. Washington. Here's a shot of the veranda:

And here's the view of Mt. Washington that you have from the veranda:

On Monday night we were going out for our fancy anniversary dinner and stopped for gas on the way there....and in true J and Kahla traveling fashion, tried to start the car only to find that my car battery had died and we needed a jump. Thankfully the restaurant was very understanding and had a table waiting for us 1 hour later (only 30 minutes before closing). The dinner was amazing--Rick's Cafe at the Grand Depot in Littleton--and more than made up for the bad battery incident. The car started just fine and we made it back to the hotel.

But of course on Tuesday when we went to start the car to leave, the battery was dead again. Thanks again, Mom, for the AAA membership! :) We made it home and my car is now the proud owner of a new battery.


Arahsae said...

Ooh, just like Dirty Dancing! (the place you stayed, not your life in general)

And I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Hooray!

Kahla said...

I hadn't thought of the Dirty Dancing connection, but you're right, it's just like that....there was live dancing every night in "the Cave."

Arahsae said...

And nobody puts Kahla in the corner.