Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It just figures....

...that as soon as we started mixing the concrete for the pad at the bottom of the stairs, a thunderstorm started rolling in. We managed to get it all mixed and covered without disastrous results, but come on, when do the breaks start? Needless to say, we were drenched by the time this part of the project was done. We tried to etch our initials in the concrete after it set up a bit, but it's harder to do that than they make it look in the movies. Or maybe we just bought cheap concrete.

(Obviously you can't see the concrete under the'll just have to believe us that it's there. This oh so lovely picture of me is the most recent shot of the deck WITH THE RAILINGS!!!) :)

A funny turn of events means we'll be heading back to New Hampshire tomorrow (different destination this time) to visit some of J's work colleagues at their place there. Maybe we should move there...they do have that cool "Live Free or Die" motto!

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