Sunday, August 14, 2005

The *#@%# Deck

Many of you know that we've been in the midst of replacing our deck (which the house inspector told us had been constructed without any regard to building code...they pounded the posts into the ground and crossed their fingers that the frost wouldn't shift it at all). Needless to say, it's been an adventure. Thankfully we've almost completed the project (the decking is on, but we still need stairs and a railing). Here's an amusing photo of J and me using the power auger to dig the holes for the concrete footings. Now, the building code dictates the holes must be 48 inches deep...but the auger only got us to 36 inches before hitting solid ground that it couldn't bore through. Thankfully J and I have muscles of steel (and a great shop vac from the Schillings!) that helped us dig all 5 holes to 48 inches deep.

We've never been so filthy in our lives...the water in the shower was brown from all the dirt. We also had to run our clothes through the wash twice!

I'll attach more photos of the progress later!


Matt Schneider said...

Now that is what I call team work! Looks great guys! It sounds as if you are having lots of fun too! Love the blog!

chrissa said...

I am TOTALLY impressed. With the auger-ing, AND the snazzy blog.