Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Crawford's Notch

Thanks to some of you reading this, J and I spent two lovely nights in the White Mountains of New Hampshire celebrating our first anniversary. The trip was filled with a lot of highlights (hiking, beautiful mountains) and a few lowlights (dead car battery Monday night, dead car battery Tuesday morning), and we'll share more details later, but here's a nice shot to set the mood. :)


Lori Haines said...

Kahla & Justin,
I'm glad you had a great first anniversary. Thats a beautiful picture. I hope you have continued success with your deck and your home improvements. Maybe if things slow down here in Ohio I'll actually get out to visit you.

Love you,

chrissa said...

Beautiful! I love Crawford notch, I hope you had a great away-from-the-deck weekend. Chrissa :)

Suzy P said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. It looks beautiful there.