Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, the school year is over, which means one thing--it's time for the Summer Program and our (in)famous WOODWORKING class!

Yes, that's right, J and I are once again teaching woodworking to impressionable young students grades 3-8. Yesterday we gave our safety talk and then one of them had the nerve to swing his 30 inch board at someone like he was going to hit them. I gave my best stern teacher look and he looked appropriately ashamed. I've got my eye on him now.

If you're lucky, I'll post pictures of the bird houses. I know that you're very excited to see them.

Quote of the day: "Aww, this is too much math for summer!"

Thursday is the PawSox (Red Sox Triple-A team) game--I got J tickets for his birthday. Then I lost them. (skip over the long story of searching). Then I called and they re-issued them without any questions at all. All that searching and worrying for nothing. Alas. Hopefully it will be as fun as people tell me it is.

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Suzy P said...

can't wait to see the bird houses. and, how was the game??