Friday, June 09, 2006

UFO update

If you remember, I listed some projects I needed to finish:

Here's what I've got started right now:

1. Baby blanket to wrap shower gift (that one has been ripped out 3 times to get the right dimensions) Done!
2. Green Striped socks. My first pair of adult-sized socks! I have one done and the second is on the needles. Progress is being made, really.
3. Eyelet wrap for Graceful Stitches. This is a volunteer project and I hate how it's turning out...I need to bring it in to see if I should continue with this pattern or not.
Going back to Graceful Stitches because it's not worth continuing
4. Crochet Scarf Finished, then ripped out. It wasn't what I wanted.

So that means that only one of those projects remains! That's pretty good, if you ask me. (Of course I think that's good). I also made that felted bag, and a couple of washcloths from Mason-Dixon Knitting. And I used my first washcloth already! I will post a picture later (when I'm not feeling too lazy to walk downstairs to get the camera).


Arahsae said...

I now dub thee Krafty Kahla!

Suzy P said...

my earlier comment has been lost in cyberspace.

yippy for getting so many ufo's done. next time you're in ny you'll have to teach me how to knit.