Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eventful Week

That is a photo of a man who found out his master's thesis passed without any revisions needed. Congratulations, honey! He'll officially receive his degree in December, and has the opportunity to walk at the May graduation. Hooray for being finished!
We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Marc and Christine's. Here's a picture of Marc and J hard at work in the kitchen. Christine and I are lucky ladies to have guys who contribute to the feast!

We put our Christmas tree up on Friday evening. Here's a shot of us in front of it (we'll count this as my 29 week belly shot).

It has been raining most of today. There were about five minutes when it was pretty snow, but now it's cruddy old rain. I would much prefer some pretty snow. Sigh.

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Leta said...

Congratulations to Justin! Now he has 2 whole months to breath easy :P