Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby gets a new closet

Baby Closet
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We put some new Elfa closet units (thank you, Oprah coupon!) in the second bedroom (the room that will be the baby's once it arrives) to start the transition from office/guest room to baby room. We still plan to use the left side of the closet for long hanging adult wear, and I admit that the bigger drawer unit pictured is crafty stuff (mostly yarn). Funny how those drawers are already full! Later we'll be able to create two shorter hanging areas for baby things, if needed. We've slowly been accumulating some baby things so we put them all in the picture for you to see.
We took off the sliding doors and now we have to decide if we want to put in bi-fold doors, or curtains or something. Any suggestions?


Julie said...

Love the paint color! (It appears to be similar to the one in my craft room/office.) And what cute baby things you're already amassing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Leta said...

I agree with Julie--I love the paint color, and the lovely striped bag. I see a little sweater in the front and it's hard to tell, but... are you expecting a girl?

Joseph has a full closet and a full dresser and he's already grown out of two boxes of clothes in the basement. But he has a crazy shop-a-holic grandma. Let's hope your little one has an easier time minimizing wardrobe and accessories!

Kahla said...

We don't know the gender..the little sweater I knit for the baby is in a neutral cream organic cotton. :)