Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Knitting

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I lost my knitting mojo last fall, but I seem to have found at least a bit of it. I decided I should finish up some projects that I had of them is Bryant's Slipover.

I have been working on J's socks and I am fairly certain I am not going to have enough yarn. I am in denial.


Suzy said...

It is always good to finish projects. The slipcover is going to be great.

Suzy said...

Ok - slipover, not slipcover. I think it's time to go to sleep.

Julie said...

I'm a new aunt, and it seems to have given me all kinds of project mojo. I think my little nephew won't have enough items to keep him warm, apparently. Somehow, I've managed to finish one crocheted hat (which was too small), begin another, start a crocheted alphabet block from the Cozy Crochet Kit you gave me two Christmases ago, and buy the last section of fabric that I think needs to go in his flannel quilt that I haven't started yet. Whew!

I hope Congress passes a law that adds hours to the day, like the changed daylight saving time last year.