Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lady Eleanor and Swallowtail=Complete!

Lady Eleanor
Originally uploaded by kjourdan

If only it would cool off around here, I have two nice shawls to wear to keep the chill off of my shoulders. I finished Lady Eeanor (shown here) and also the silk/cashmere lace shawl called the Swallowtail Shawl (click on the photo and you can see photos of it in Flickr). I haven't been knitting as much lately, but I've been knitting more challenging projects. Lots of friends are having babies, though, so I think I'll be knitting baby items for them in the near future.


Julie said...

The swallowtail is beautiful and so delicate! I love that you make such fancy things. Now that I am down to one night a week of class (and actually, no nights this week), I hope to get back into my projects (UFOs include a crochet handbag, a plaid skirt, several cut-out welding hats, and a yet-to-be-started blanket of some sort for my impending niece or nephew!).

Morandia said...

beautiful! both are amazing!