Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fancy Schmancy New Computer

BC Tailgating
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I've been silent on the blog because our old computer was past the point of running more than one program efficiently, which made posting (especially with pictures) a time-consuming and frustrating experience. We're now the owners of a new Dell laptop, and boy are we cruising between programs like you wouldn't believe! Hence, I bring you September/October 2007: A Retrospective.

We went to a BC Football Game on October 6th. My colleague Tracey got us tickets and a tailgating pass (who knew the Corolla was destined for such great things!). Tracey's husband works for BC so we got the special treatment. We also got special treatment because BC scored 55 points or so. Sheesh!

The Red Sox are in the World Series! We've had friends over to watch baseball and it's been a lot of fun (and not just because we keep winning). It makes for very sleepy mornings after the games, but it's been worth it.

J's about half-done with his class for this semester, and I'm getting ready for the annual Massachusetts School Library Assocation Conference.

Oh, and work is fine too. :)

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