Sunday, December 31, 2006

Knitted Gifts

Ah, the season of gifting has ended so I can post some pictures of projects I gave away. Of course I forgot to photograph some of it before giving it away (namely the scarves for my Grandma and Julie).

I made felted mittens with cuffs, fingerless mitts, fleece trimmed mittens (modeled by my dear sister when she opened them early Christmas morning), and the white lapel scarf for my great-aunt.

I had a lot of fun knitting gifts, and I was actually there to see some of them open the gifts, which was very nice.

I also received many knitting-oriented gifts, which is superb.


JMonkey said...

The scarf I received is very beautiful, to that I can attest. I already wore it through the holiday season. It's almost too warm for a scarf here, though! Crazy.

Carol said...

What gorgeous knits! I'm still slow on reading due to what else? The holidays. Is that the hat from One Skein?