Wednesday, November 01, 2006

it's knowing the little things

I know I've only been married a little over 2 years, but it's amazing to me how much you can learn about a person in that short amount of time. For instance, I just walked downstairs to find my husband watching South Park. That's right, South Park. Knowing him like I do, I know that the poor guy is past his threshold and needed something brainless. He's been working on his grad school application, grading, sorting out the car title mess, and a bunch of other things. Poor guy needs a break, and how do I know? He's watching South Park.


JMonkey said...

You do learn a lot of things about a person in a short amount of time. What amazes me is the things you continue to learn (big and little) as the years go by.

And car title messes...remember when you went with me to buy Little Green (the Grand Am) from the creepy stalker at Saturn? Well, that title was all messed up to begin with, and then it was still messed up when I sold it to Joe's cousin. Best of luck on that one.

Carol said...

South Park is pretty funny. A good getaway from it all. It's kinda like mindless knitting.

The James' said...

That's kinda funny Kahla. Never thought the little brother had that much space in his brain that he could fill with nothing. Ha!
Of course, don't tell him MacGyver falls into that category too! It might bweak his wittle heawt.
Love you guys!!