Sunday, May 28, 2006

Compost Bin

We've been composting for the past year or so, but we didn't have a proper receptacle for the composting. And now that we have wonderful stuff from last year that we can use in our gardens this year, we needed two compartments for new compost and ready-to-use compost. So, after the AC guy left at 8:00 a.m. yesterday, we got to work. It's amazing what you can accomplish by noon when you get started at 8:00!

We also cleared out another bit of space (on the left) for additional vegetables in our garden:

Did we mention that the rest of the tree got taken down? A man we refer to as "the crazy guy with the chainsaw scar on his cheek" climbed up that thing and then proceeded to take it down BY HIMSELF.
We helped our neighbors construct the replacement swingset this afternoon...the boys were very happy swinging away tonight.


QUASAR9 said...

Nice to see you got green fingers too.

The James' said...

Don't suppose you wanna come on down OK and help Shad build our playset...The woodpile has been in the garage for a week now. Pretty please??!

Kahla said...

If you'll pay to fly us down there, we'd be glad to help! :)

Seriously, we'd like to come for a visit sometime, but it probably won't be in the next few months. Alas.