Thursday, March 23, 2006


So I just finished my class last Wednesday that was called "That's Just Classic!" Among many other things, we read The Odyssey. We read Robert Fagles's version (yes, that "s" belongs at the end according to a couple of different style guides, which was also discussed in class), which I highly recommend. I also highly recommend the recording of Ian McKellan reading it--we listened to some of it in class. Justin was kind enough to read some of it aloud to me because he's such a great husband!

There's also a great article in this month's Smithsonian.

Happy Reading!


Arahsae said...

I'm of the "Apostrophe-S for Names that End in S" camp! Hooray!

JMonkey said...

Yes, I agree. I like the s's too...however, it is one of those rather subjective grammar rules...which seems odd to me. How can grammar be subjective?

Of course, as a PR professional, I follow the AP styleguide in all writing...which means I never use serial commas and do other weird things people don't understand.

I'm sure using all those elipses is against every styleguide...