Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Armchair

This weekend we bought, of all things, an ARMCHAIR!!

Isn't it pretty? We were at Filene's in Natick because they're closing that store (it was in the same mall as a Macy's and Macy's bought them out), thinking we would buy a knife set, or maybe an espresso machine. We struck out on both of those two things, but they had just marked the furniture down to 60% off, so we walked through. I thought we had struck out until we saw this one. We both went "Ahhh" when we sat in it. It's up in our bedroom right now until we get our new couch this summer (we hope!). It swivels! Now we just need a reading lamp to go with it!

P.S. the photo on the wall is from our honeymoon in St. John. :)

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