Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost No-Knead Bread

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We've gotten on the dutch-oven baked bread wagon and boy does it taste good! Much better than what we can buy at our local stores (bakeries excluded). And it's so easy! We've been using the updated recipe from Cook's Illustrated. I think J would like a fresh loaf every day. We didn't buy the fancy $200 dutch oven, we went with the $40 one they recommend here.


Suzy said...

MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! I've got some serious bread lovers in the house so I'm going to try this out. An added bonus: I like baking bread. Thanks for sharing.

chrissa said...

Ooh, so pretty! Thanks for the post, found the recipe online, will try it this weekend, I hope! The description on the CI site mentions an article on "Making Your Dutch Oven Safe for High-Heat Baking" that is only available to subscribers. Did you do anything special with your dutch oven before making this???