Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Eastuh, Pastuh!

Today at church was quite entertaining. We had an inquisitive (but not annoying) little boy behind us (he was probably 2). After a minute or two of the scripture reading, he said, "What's she talking about?" His mom murmered a reply.
After part of the sermon, he said, "What's he talking about?"

Mom replied, "Jesus."

And his next question: "Jesus? Is he the Easter Bunny?"

Then as we were leaving (we had just greeted the pastor), the person behind us said, "Happy Eastuh, Pastuh!" Now, being from the midwest, I feel we can definitely mock the east coast pronounciation of things, because the midwest gets similiarly mocked. That, and I have to put up with people saying my name as "Kay-ler."
On the knitting front, I made two of these felted wine bags and plan to take one to Kurt and Cecilia's this afternoon. However, I couldn't find the leather strapping it called for, so I got some leather braided cord. I'll let you know how that goes.

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