Sunday, October 22, 2006

Off to Taylor!

I sent this blanket (and a sweater that I forgot to photograph) off to new baby Taylor. I made four random squares and pieced them together. I did learn one lesson the hard way: easy-care acrylic/wool blends aren't nice to work with. But now I know. :)

The colors are a bit off in the photo---darn cold, gray weather without natural light. It's also laying a little wonky. Oh well.

That's right, you knitters out there--that's an Intarsia heart on the upper right. It was my first intarsia and it turned out pretty well.


Carol said...

Really nice! Lucky Taylor! Don't even get me started on acrylics right now, I'm still in recovery.

maryse said...

woo-hoo! see, intarsia isn't that hard. the blanket looks great.

Arahsae said...