Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Down for a while

J's slugging out in front of the TV...his wisdom teeth removal went well for the top two teeth, but the bottom two were real buggers. Evidently there was drilling involved in trying to get them out. He's doped up on painkillers and has ice packs on his cheeks. Poor guy. He did enjoy some chocolate pudding for dinner, so that's good. His doctor also called tonight to check on him...I thought that was impressive.

Did you know that you have to show an ID to fill a perscription for percoset? I learned that today.

On the happy side of life, our garden is FLOURISHING. We've already been enjoying garden-fresh veggies. We even made pesto using our basil. The cherry tomatoes have been ripening these last two weeks....they're so tasty! The first of our "big" tomatoes is turning orange, so we should have a ripe one next week....

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JMonkey said...

1) I hope Justin is feeling better! (I didn't get percoset when I had my wisdom teeth out two years ago, but I don't think there was any drilling.)

2) Your tomatoes look yummy! Ours look almost the same. They seem to be ripening very slowly this year compared to past years, though.