Saturday, July 08, 2006

Outdoor photos

I mentioned yesterday that we've done some work outside. Here are some photos:
The new deck benches were made completely out of materials we had left over from building the deck last year (well, except for the cushions, but that's it, really!):

We also expanded (by about 4x) the size of our planting bed in the back:
(The first is a far-off shot, the second and third are two close-ups)


Arahsae said...

Gorgeous -- and I heartily approve the use of leftover materials to build benches.

Do you have space for a garden? Like, foodstuffs? Herbs?

Yay hostas!

Kahla said...

Yes, lots of foodstuffs. The tomato plants are taller than us right now. The basil is also looking good....August should be full of good eats. We just picked our first zucchini, and ate our first raspberry. :)

I hope your move goes well!

chrissa said...

Lovely garden, wish I could make my dirt patch look like that. And look- could that be a LOG home in the background?