Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chrissa and Kevin's Wedding

It was quite a blustery day (48 degrees with 20 mph winds=feels like 40 degrees), but as the first sunny day in over a week, it meant that the wedding would be outside. Here's a picture of J and me (don't you like J's tie?). This is a finalist for a Christmas card picture.

There are a ton more pictures posted on Chrissa and Kevin's wedding website. I'm so self-centered that I'm only including a picture of us because I think it's especially cute. :)

I was going through the pictures on the computer and found this from our engagement (2.5 years ago already!). I think it's hilarious how much younger we look. However, when I think of the converse, i.e. how much older we look in the first picture, then I freak out.


Suzy P said...

Yes, you are SO OLD! Ha.

JMonkey said...

So I didn't keep up with klaj blog after the deck announcements stopped coming...and now I rediscovered it (and added it to my Bloglines subscriptions, along with those about legal research and law librarians)...and I notice you have such grown-up hair, Kahla! You both look fabulous in that picture. I feel old.